A Real ProFollica Review From a Women

Sharon's ProFollica Review

Sharon’s ProFollica Review

For women like myself loosing my hair is very serious. You’ll never understand until it happens to you. I have to tell you my experience with thinning and give you my honest ProFollica review.

My hair started getting thinner just after I go pregnant with my second child. At first we thought it was my new thyroid medication so my doctor changed it and said that my prenatal daily vitamins would stop my hair loss, it did not.

You have no idea what it feels like to look in the mirror and see your scalp through your hair. I felt very unattractive and very pregnant. I started doing my own research for hair loss products for women and tried a few different products and stuck with ProFollica because I love it, it has worked great for me, even though all the ads say ProFollica is for men.

Women Can STOP Thinning Hair?
“Yes I want to start ProFollica for my hair !”

Buy ProFollica for women

Buy ProFollica for women

The first one was Provillus for women. It’s topical solution is a medication called minoxidil 2% which as I found out is Rogaine. First of all my doctor freaked when I told I was using it. Never use minoxidil or Rogaine when you are pregnant! I stopped using it right away.

He told me that if I was going to try a hair loss treatment on my own I should try a newer treatment. It’s all natural and very safe to use. When I got home I searched for all natural hair loss treatments and found ProFollica for women.

I chose it just because it sounded better better for me. I have been monitoring my progress and have put together a detailed ProFollica Review of the key things you should know before you buy.

Ladies, before you go directly to the Official site please take time to read my ProFollica review, you be glad you did.

Women Can STOP Thinning Hair?
“Yes I want to start ProFollica for my hair !”

Buy ProFollica for women

Buy ProFollica for women

A ProFollica Review From A Women

One thing I noticed during my research was that there were many “ProFollica Reviews” out there that have a very bias marketing Ads. So I’m going to explain to you all the good points and the bad points in my review because I was losing my hair and it’s scary for those of us with thinning hair and like you I wanted to know what really works.

Originally my doctor wanted to prescribe a medication called Propecia and said that it may have side effects and I could try it until after I had my baby. Well this scared the hell out of me because I don’t want anything with known side effects going in my body. This when I started looking myself and found ProFollica for women.

I settled on ProFollica because the ingredients are 100% all natural and specifically designed to stop thinning hair and hair loss. The best part was my hair fall stopped just days after I started taking it. No other product I could find said it would stop sudden hair fall within days! I agree it is truly a revolutionary new product just for that reason alone.

How ProFollica Works

As part of my ProFollica review I found out that it is made with natural DHT blockers. What this means is that my female hormones were unbalanced with the amount of testosterone in my body which ultimately was the main cause of my hair loss. Because of this my body was producing “DHT” which was choking my hair follicles causing my thinning hair.

ProFollica is made from many strong plant extracts that block DHT. This is very important because it stops follicle miniaturization resulting in increased hair growth. This is why it worked so well for me.

It comes with two parts and I was glad to see the pills were 100% all natural and the topical was NOT Minoxidil. The topical solution is actually called the “Gel Activator” and it is made from all natural ingredients proven to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp without any side effects.

The ProFollica formulation was designed with just the right amount of each to achieve maximum results by first blocking DHT, raising blood circulation and stimulating the hair follicles into growth. See a complete list of ProFollica ingredients.

Negative ProFollica Reviews

As I mentioned off the start I wanted to tell you my ProFollica review with all the good and the bad.

One thing you should know for sure is that for my hair to grow back in healthy, thick and strong took a very long time, although my hair stopped falling out within days. I did start to notice visible hair growth literally within weeks which was very inspiring and this gave me the motivation to continue. If I did not see results that soon I may not have continued with the treatment. My advice is to stick with it the results will come.

Sharon W

I love ProFollica and would recommended it!

Next was the cost, I have spent a lot on my hair but if you have ever experience thinning or hair loss before it is sure worth it, at least it was to me.

=> Go To The Official Site For ProFollica HERE <=

You have to at least try ProFollica you will be glad you did and I hope this ProFollica review helps you decide what’s best for you.


6 Responses to A Real ProFollica Review From a Women

  1. dor yu says:

    im 38 yrs old and for the past 3 mons my hair is just falling off everywhere, im considering to buy profollica, i tried evrything and nothing works, it just made the atter worst, is this a real review? i really need your help!

    • ProFollica For Women says:

      ProFollica does come with a full money back guarantee!! It works very well. I still get emails from customers saying how well it has worked for them.

  2. Anastasia says:

    Profollica is a long term treatment or I can stop using it at some point without loosing the result?

  3. Mr Ogunshola says:

    How can I be able to come your distributor in Nigeria

  4. Mr Ogunshola says:

    Because in Nigeria we have problem hair loss

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