Hair Loss Vitamins for Women

Hair Loss Vitamins for WomenHair fall is a common problem in the present days. Men, women even children are suffering from hair loss. Age is no longer a bar for hair loss problems. Imagine how would you feel if you are only left with little hair on your scalp even before you turn 40?

It is rightly said that for a women her hair is her crowning glory. Sudden or unusual hair loss can be really traumatic. Thus all of you need to take care of hair loss problems and try to prevent them.

Hair loss can occur due to several reasons; it can be due to improper food habits, lack of rest, stress, pollution or even due to genetic factors. Most common of them are due to pollution and improper diet. In the lightning fast age you often skip meals, eat on the run or take in unhealthy food. You must remember that one of the most effective and easy way of controlling and preventing hair loss is the intake of the right vitamins. Proper intake of vitamins through your diet will help you control your hair fall to a large extent.

Because of the different hormonal changes in Females they will require certain vitamins to help hair follicles battle thinning hair cause by hereditary hair loss.

Vitamin A: This is an antioxidant that aids in production of sebum in the scalp. It also helps in hair growth.

B Vitamins: B12 can be responsible for hair loss itself due to deficiency. Since vitamin B12 helps in normal body metabolism and blood circulation, thus it is not properly stored in the body. Thus regular intake of B12 is necessary to prevent hair loss.

Omega-3: omega-3 is a fatty acid and generally men and women take very little of the essential fatty acids through their regular diet. Foods rich in Omega-3 are fatty fish, egg yolks, fish eggs (caviar) and milk.

Biotin: Though it is also a vitamin B but it deserves a special mention. It can prevent hair loss and is very crucial for dry hair. It is even added in shampoos to prevent hair fall. Most multivitamin are deficient in biotin, thus it is advisable that you run a biotin test and then find the suitable supplement for biotin.

Vitamin E: This vitamin is responsible for good blood circulation and cell generation in the scalp. It is also essential to prevent hair loss.

But one thing you must remember. Before taking any vitamin or supplement you must know the proper amount that is necessary to prevent hair loss. Excess of vitamin intake can lead to other health problems.

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