ProFollica For Women What You Should Know

ProFollica For Women

ProFollica For Women

All women realize how much their hair can affect her appearance and often we spend hours in the morning fixing it up, well some of us to anyway. I want to talk about ProFollica for women and how rescued my thinning hair.

So what happens when it starts to get thinner or you notice your hair is falling out a bit more than it usually would? It scared the heck out of me and I had to do something right away which is why I’m going to explain what ProFollica for women did for me.

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What Is ProFollica For Women

First of all this is an all natural hair loss solution to prevent hair loss. Also it is NOT just form men us women can use it too, in fact it may just work better for women than men because DHT levels are not as high.

Secondly this treatment has actual user feedback, clinical studies, hard facts proving how well ProFollica for women works, unlike many other treatments I looked at

They have come out with a very new look and now you have better purchasing options then ever before as well and I know that right now they have free gifts with the new ProFollica for women including free shipping.

ProFollica For Women Review

I know a lot about this natural hair loss solution from the extensive research I conducted and below I’ve organized all my research into a concise summary to help other women like myself decide if this thinning hair treatment is right for them also.

Before I get into the important points that you need to know, I first want to say that there are a lot of hair loss products on the market today and it really does pay to look them carefully as they are not all the same as the ingredients and the type of hair loss causes vary widely.

So let’s put all the hype aside about what’s the best and lets focus on just the facts.

How ProFollica For Women Helps

This all natural solution for hair loss called ProFollica does have some cold hard fact we will take a look at. First thing you will find will all hair loss treatments is that they mainly focus on men. Women will have a hard time trying to find a proven product and I did reveal only two that have have real clinical data to back them up and they are ProFollica for women and the new Hair Genesis V.

We will focus on just the ProFollica for women today.

I’m sure you are well aware of the importance of a full head of hair or you would not be here at this site, but some important things to note are that stopping thinning hair in women has to start early. Women who try to revive dead hair follicles will be disappointed to find that there is no treatment in the world today that can bring dead cells back to life.

You have to start early and to prevent hair loss and ProFollica for women works best when the hair is beginning to shed due to thinning hair. Why?

As the hair becomes thinner it is being blocked by DHT which is a by product of the male hormone testosterone in the female body. Yes! All women have a small amount.  As the DHT attaches it’s self to the hair it starves it of the nutrients it needs to grow healthy.

ProFollica will remove the DHT and block it from re-attaching itself to the follicle so that hair regrowth can start. This is why this type of hair loss product is so effective for women.

Furthermore any form of thinning hair if left untreated can lead to permanent hair loss so it is smart to take action early.

Before I discuss the ingredients in ProFollica for women and how it works and the evidence behind these ingredients, I want to first explain that it is unlike many other hair loss treatments on the market because it’s made from 100% natural ingredients that are proven to stop hair loss.

How Does ProFollica For Women Work?

Now let’s discuss exactly how ProFollica for women works. first of all it’s a three stage process unlike other products that are just a pill or just a topical. This includes hair specifically engineered hair loss vitamin, shampoo and a topical gel. All three together were specifically formulated to work together and stop thinning hair.

Medical Advanced Hair Loss Treatment

Medical Advanced Hair Loss Treatment

Medical science has developed a revolutionizing treatment of woman’s hair loss.

Each of the ingredients and dosage size were selected on the basis of their capability to increase blood circulation so that it could deliver the required hair vitamins and at the same time block DHT which then stimulates the hair follicles into a hair regrowth phase.

There are five key natural ingredients in this formula that make it so effective,

  • Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract (It removes DHT and bacteria from the scalp)
  • Gingko Bilobo Extract (This stimulates micro-circulation in scalp and starts hair growing again)
  • Kigelia Afrcana Extract (This blocks the alpha-5-reductase enzymes)
  • Salvia Sclarea Extract (attaches to DHT to help in the blocking process)
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract (scalp simulation in order to increase hair depth)

These specific compounds together were clinically proven to show visible results within just a few weeks unlike other products that can take months or even a year.

What Does This Mean To Me?

This means that ProFollica for women is a natural alternative to the medical approach taken by doctors who prescribe medications with side effects. For many years, men had only ONE choice for battling the creation of DHT levels in the body and it was through prescription medication like Propecia and Minoxidil 2%. Both of these drugs have reported side effects that will cause sexual side effects or scalp burning irritation.

Once you understand that DHT plays a major role in male pattern baldness, you can quickly eliminate hair loss shampoos, hair loss conditioners ineffective hair loss supplements or scalp irritating topical solutions.

I found that some of them will address issues like overproduction of DHT carrying sebum and nutritional deficiencies that can all further hair loss but none effectively address what doctors agree to be the number 1 cause of thinning hair which is excessive DHT.

This means these hair loss treatments are a waste of your good money and valuable time.

Customer Feedback For ProFollica For Women

Scientific evidence is always great at helping you to see just how effective a product is however I also researched actual consumer reviews for ProFollica for women to see what people where saying so I could get some balanced feedback. On a whole most of the reviews I read where very positive. The biggest take home message apart from people over joyed that it works and they have hair growing again, was that they didn’t have any side effects at all.

Some people were actually using Minoxidil (prescription drug in most countries) or had just switched from it because they were having increased hair fall and sever scalp irritations, both are know side effects. The women using ProFollica were amazed that it was non-prescription treatment because of how well it worked.

What Makes ProFollica for women truly unique is the fact that it is also endorsed by the medical community.

Doctor Endorsed Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Doctor Endorsed Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Another interesting thing from all the forums I visited was that a lot of men and women were getting great results from taking pills and topical gel rather than using any type of hair loss shampoo, so you might want to try this and save yourself some money.

Negative ProFollica Feedback

One of the reviews I came across was from a woman that said she tried ProFollica for women but didn’t work at all although the shampoo was great for her hair. She had only use it for a total of 5 weeks and seen no results at all so she stopped.

Fact is you should be using any hair loss treatment for a total of 6 month minimum before results are visible. ProFollica for women offers results in just 60 days which is a very strong statement.

I have seen cases where hair loss was caused my medications, medical procedures and sudden stress. There is a list of medications that causes hair loss and ProFollica when used overtime can also help grow your hair back because in these cases the follicle is not dead. It will usually take longer to see results but with the specific formula in ProFollica for women you will see results.

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60 Day Refund

60 Day Money Back

60 Day Money Back

There is good news! You can try ProFollica for women risk free and if it doesn’t work for you, then you don’t pay. All you have to do is make sure you remember to return it within the 60 day refund period and you will get all your money back.

Now with that being said I am confident you will find this treatment is very effective like I did and you will be ordering more.

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Either way if you do choose ProFollica for women you’ll be glad you did as getting your hair back will be the very best feeling in the world believe me!

About ProFollica For Women

No more thinning hair! I used ProFollica for women and it stopped my rapid hair loss within days. I grew my hair back thicker and you will be able to also.
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8 Responses to ProFollica For Women What You Should Know

  1. Connie Hambrick says:

    I have received Profollica for men instead of for women. What should I do now?

    • ProFollica For Women says:

      ProFollica can be used by women and men, it’s the same product. There isn’t a separate kit or anything, it’s the all the same.

  2. Sharon says:

    I have suffered with hair loss for over 25 years; is it to late for me to try Profollica?

    • ProFollica For Women says:

      If the hair follicle is dead there is not bringing it back, this is very common in men but women suffer from thinning hair and ProFollica can help in most cases.

  3. komal says:

    i am just 23 years old and suffering from baldness should i try profollica is it good for me? plz guide me what should i do

    • ProFollica For Women says:

      Depending on the cause of your hair loss will determine the treatment. Our ProFollica works on many different causes.

  4. natasha says:

    Does profollica help with hereditary hair loss in women?

    • ProFollica For Women says:

      Yes it can. The topical treatment and the pills together will provide the hair follicle with the required nutrients to battle both hereditary hair loss in women and thinning hair cause by female hormones.

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